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The Mile High Experience

At Mile High Ideas, we understand that the path to digital success is unique for each client. With our expertise, creativity, and commitment, we craft individualized experiences that lead to measurable results. Let us guide you on this exciting journey, turning challenges into achievements.

Meet The Owner

Meet Brandon Shutter, the owner of Mile High Ideas. A visionary leader in technology, he has pioneered transformative solutions across various platforms like AWS, GCP, OCI, and Azure. Brandon’s passion for innovation, automation, security, and cost-efficiency has not only positioned him as an industry expert but also the driving force behind the success of Mile High Ideas.

Innovator in Cloud Solutions

As a Senior Solutions Architect with an extensive background in cloud computing, I have played a pivotal role in transforming digital landscapes. Leveraging my expertise with AWS, GCP, OCI, and Azure, you’ve developed innovative solutions, from account lifecycle management to ETL and Data Lake integrations. My relentless pursuit of automation and efficiency has set new standards in the industry.

Strategic Leader in Development

I have led teams in designing, planning, and integrating cloud systems, evaluating new technologies, and providing systems engineering activities. My ability to convert existing infrastructure to Terraform and employ cloud-native technologies has been a game-changer in the industry.

Trusted Advisor & Security Expert

My role as a Solutions Architect has showcased my ability to implement cloud-native ETL solutions, manage compliance rules, and optimize server environments. Whether running penetration testing, overseeing network security, or maintaining PCI and SOX compliance, my actions have been marked by precision, integrity, and trust.

Proven Results and Cost-Savings Innovator

My record speaks volumes about my ability to achieve cost savings and operational efficiency. My insights have led to significant financial gains from renegotiating supplier contracts, resulting in $1M+ annualized savings, to recommending right-sizing and reserved instance pricing. My technical expertise and keen business acumen have made me a valuable asset in optimizing operations.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?
At Mile High Ideas, we believe that the sky’s the limit. We’re excited to partner with you, providing the expertise and creativity to advance your business. Let’s work together and make your digital dreams a reality.
Is Your Business Poised for a Digital Ascent?

Your journey to the top starts here at Mile High Ideas. We provide the roadmap, the expertise, and the innovative solutions needed to navigate the complex terrain of the digital landscape. Together, we’ll forge a path that leads to outstanding results, ensuring your business stands tall and proud.